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  • ONE-STOP reward company.
  • Advertise, promote and expose Merchant Rebate Partner to increase sales turnover and differentiate themselves in their markets.
  • Develop, design, produce and manage meetings, special events and product launching.
  • Provide FREE Customized 6 pages Merchant e-Portal to advertise their particulars, products and services.
  • Provide services for FREE rental of Bank Terminal and Co-Branding Prepaid VISA Card application.
  • Provide Worldwide Online Air Flight & Car Rental Booking Services.

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Vouchers by IR has saved me so much money. I go out with friends every week for food and the choice of offers available grow every day. I have even had a free haircut and being a student, this is fantastic!

Patrick L. Zeitler

Clinical chemistry technologist, Official All Star Cafť

IR vouchers are without doubt the best voucher site around. I like the fact that all the brands on there are Ďcoolí and appeal to a certain customer. They donít bombard you with constant emails and the best bit itís free!!!

Debra R. Brown

Playwright, Galaxy Man

I think IR Vouchers is great as unlike some of the other more well known websites this one doesnít require you to pay the discounted rate through the website on that day or you lose out. You can simply print the vouchers free of charge and use when you like before they expire, which gives you a lot more freedom. I also like the fact all the vouchers are with a wide variety of restaurants and leisure outlets with great discounts!

Carol E. Chavez

Stock trader, Bombay Company

Iím always looking for a bargain and an excuse not to cook! IR vouchers is perfect because you donít have to commit to paying anything until you actually want to take advantage of the deal.

Juan A. Benevides

Assistant property manager, Gottschalks

Using vouchers from IR gives you the opportunity to select from so many different stores & shopping centers; giving you a HUGE variety that everyone will be satisfied with. Thank You.

Matthew D. Novak

Emergency medical technician, John M. Smyth's Homemakers

This is the first time I have used vouchers from IR and it was only to redeem a giftcard, but I found the service excellent. I had one problem at the start and I emailed IR and they phoned me a shortime later and answered my request, which I thought was very good.

Nanette C. Harvey

Management consultant, ManCharm